Elga de Vries

Elga de Vries Principal Investigator

Current Position:
2011-present: Full professor in Neuro-immunology (PI). VU medical center.  Amsterdam, NL.
Previous experience:
2006 - 2011: Associate professor in Neuro-immunology (PI) VU medical center. Amsterdam, NL.
2000-2006: Assistant professor, VU medical center. Amsterdam, NL.
1998-1999: Marie Curie research fellow, UCL. London, UK.
1995-1998: Post-doc Leiden Amsterdam Center for Drug research. Leiden, NL.

The Organization

VU University Amsterdam’s research is divided into four themes, which reflect just how in touch we are with current societal issues, the Amsterdam clusters, national top sectors and European grand challenges. Scientific quality, interdisciplinary research and societal relevance are the key terms in our research. VU University Amsterdam invests in talent to stimulate top-class research. After all, the researchers define the quality of our research and education. The university cherishes its scientists and watches proudly as they raise the University’s reputation.

The quality of education and research at VU University Amsterdam is reflected in its position in international rankings. To maintain this position and improve our research even further, it is imperative to measure the quality of the research and identify any points for improvement. Scientific integrity is an essential aspect of scientific quality and something VU University Amsterdam values greatly.

Most of our research, which has been bundled into four research themes, is carried out in interdisciplinary research institutes. Biomedical, biophysical, psychological and clinical neurology, for example, all work together in Neuroscience Campus Amsterdam, while CLUE takes a completely new approach to the cultural, economic and scientific aspects of heritage. What’s more, the campus and close proximity of VU University Medical Center are an added benefit when it comes to an interdisciplinary approach.

VU University medical center and VU University Amsterdam, both constituent parts of Stichting VU-VUmc, are closely associated. VUmc’s core objectives are to perform patient care in close collaboration with scientific research, academic teaching & post-academic training. Our patient care activities comprise both basic care, as well as top-clinical care as a national and international referral center. Approximately 700 researchers aspire to a nationally and internationally competitive position in their fields of science.

The mission of Amsterdam Neuroscience ( is to improve understanding of the human brain and nervous system in health and disease by executing integrated basic, translational and clinical research. We do this by bringing together more than 850 clinicians, faculty and staff in the Amsterdam area, producing 1200+ publications per year, and performing research and clinical care amongst the best in the Netherlands and beyond. Research of the Alzheimer center, Neurochemistry laboratory and Neurovascular unit of the VU University Medical Center is part of the Neurodegeneration Program.

People Involved

Elga de Vries Position Head of Neurovascular Unit Role in PANA Principal Investigator and Coordinator vitro and in vivo studies
Wiesje van der Flier Position Full professor and Head of Clinical Research Role in PANA Biomarker studies Biobank
Charlotte Teunissen Position Head of Neurochemistry laboratory and biobank
Philip Scheltens Position Director of Alzheimer Center
Marijn Schouten Position Post-Doc Researcher
Ananya Chakraborty Position PhD student on blood-brain barrier
This project has received funding from the European Union´s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 686009


Clinical Neuroscience Research Laboratory
University Clinical Hospital Santiago
A Building, -4 Floor
E15706 A Coruña, Spain
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